Is it time for you to align your purpose with your business?

To create money and freedom by sharing your greatest gifts?

This is the next level of business!

I launched my first mastermind in 2006. And the participants generated hundreds of thousands of dollars. They learned to sell through speaking, create movements using social media, and fill their own programs and masterminds with ideal clients.

Now Im launching a next level version. One that uses energy, intention and manifestation principles to create your future.

It’s a quantum leap kind of program. It’s not for everyone. However, if you are a purposeful entrepreneur who loves fast action and instant manifestation then keep reading.

It’s for you if…

You’re inspired to:

Unleash your magic through your business, get real with your social media messaging and attract the perfect clients.

You know you’re here on this planet to share a message with a particular audience and be highly financially rewarded for your unique gifts.

Quickly grow your business to multiple 6-figures with fun and ease, while creating freedom to live life on your own terms.

Serve in alignment with your core values, your souls desires and divine inspiration.

Develop a manifestation mindset, increase your self awareness and create next level results.

Eliminate the limiting beliefs that keep you from reaching your desires, stop the flow of money, and sabotage your success.

Create a high vibe practice that supports unlimited growth and expands your reach in the world.

Master the art of attraction.

This program is designed for purpose driven entrepreneurs who are ready to own their next level of power and express even more of their purpose in business.

Together we will choose the outcome you will create.  You will express your purpose and call in your desires in the way only you can.

We will align with you souls work and  breath life into your vision.

We will create first from alignment and inspiration and second, through strategy and action. 

We will grow and serve by being real, taking a stand and changing the lives of those people we teach.

 You are more than ready to live from trust and inspiration, to be seen, express yourself, make an impact and reach your next level of income.

 You have a deep desire to share your super powers to help people .

You are already online but you’ve been holding back. You know it’s time to create a movement.

You are ready for a soul expansion and feel now is the time for your greatness to be seen.

 You are ready to overcome limiting beliefs about money and create new healthy wealth beliefs.

You are excited just reading about the program and feel called to grow your business now. No more waiting.

Your clients are calling you to share your message so they can find you.

We will dig deep into your purpose and create your unique stand out message that you are excited to share.

We will get craft your offers with compelling copy, expand your audience, and grow your coaching business in alignment with your authentic voice and vision.

If this excites you then join us!

Lee Ann Cimperman
Gray Matter

Lisa Rothstein
Creativity To Cash

12 months of coaching, training and 1-1 support.

Twice monthly personalized mastermind calls

Monthly personalized group training and support through videos and audio.

 Twice monthly personal 1-1 coaching session.

Private forum for networking, q&a and collaboration with high vibe aligned action takers.

Access to ALL digital programs I create in 2020.

Steve’s Story

“Before mentoring with Patti I was adding a few clients each month to my coaching program. Within 4 weeks I added 40 new members to my online program and with in 8 weeks I added $75,000 a MONTH to my bottom line.”

Steve Wiltshire – Lifeline Coaching

LaRue’s Story

“I’m really blown away…I feel power and fire like I haven’t felt in 20 years. I’m engaged, taking action, not putting things off. If you are considering working with Patti, do it! You will be so glad you did. She is a genius.”

LaRue Epler – Your Essential Whisper

Lisa’s Story

“If you ever have a chance to attend one of Patti’s events, I highly, highly recommend it. It’s extreme transformation, inspirational, motivational, and all those good things. If you want to up level, work with Patti Keating.’

Lisa Rotstein – Creativity To Cash

Hey Gorgeous! 

I’m Patti Keating and I believe that you meant to share your unique talent  and design the life you love.
I am a business coach and mentor for purpose driven entrepreneurs, specializing in online marketing and  personal growth for entrepreneurs.

I’m on a mission to change the world by empowering you to listen to yourself, make your own rules, share your great talent in the world and live life on your terms, by designing the life and business you know are meant to have.

It’s time to be real. It’s time to take a stand and align with your true purpose. It’s time for you to be seen in all of who you are, boldly and unapologetically.

My clients lives change quickly, because I see them and I hold the bar high for them as they step into the greatest version of themselves. I have helped thousands of entrepreneurs up level and double, triple, quadruple their income, just as I have, as I choose to be more of who I truly am every single day.

I have grown 19 businesses myself and every one of them was created by aligning with who I was at the time, and what I wanted to bringing the world. I have never followed the rules. I don’t believe in compromising my own inner knowing and self integrity to meet other peoples expectations.

My commitment to my own truth coupled with my tenacious belief that you are meant to live life being entirely and only who you really are, has led me to this wildly successful life and to experiences beyond anything I could have imagined.

This program is a combination of my core beliefs, my spiritual connection, and my ability to apply the gifts that you have received in a practical way that opens up possibility and creates real results, through inspired and massive action.

You know if this program is right for you. Trust yourself.Because everything you desire is waiting, right here, right now, for you to say yes.I believe in you, and I honor you for bringing your greatest gifts to the world.

The Aligned Mastermind Is
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